Sunday, November 22, 2020


 Cold weather and baking just go together, don't you think?

Combine that with the upcoming holidays and I'm all in for baking some yummy cookies. 

I've tried many recipes (even Mrs Field's), but none quite measure up.  This is actually my mom's recipe - so I grew up having them often. Whenever I think of chocolate chip cookies my mouth waters for these. Because of the shortening, they are soft and chewy; and with the addition of raw oats, I can convince myself that they are good for me!

Enough already - here's the recipe...and did I mention they are so easy?


1/2 cup shortening                         

1/2 cup brown sugar                      Cream together

1/2 cup granulated sugar

1 large egg                                      Add to creamed mixture                 

1T vanilla                                        Blend together until smooth

3/4 cup flour                                    

1/2 tsp baking soda                        Stir together in a small bowl

1/2 tsp salt                                      Add to creamed mixture -blend

1 1/2 cup raw oatmeal                    Stir in

1 1/4 cup chocolate chips

Bake 8-10 minutes at 375 degrees.


That's all there is to it - I hope you like them as much as I do.

Until next time


Monday, November 2, 2020

Linguini with Spinach, Lemon, Greek Yogurt and Parmesan

Don't you love it when a recipe comes together?

I spied this recipe in a Costco monthly magazine, and decided to tweak it a bit. The original recipe called for heavy cream, but I decided to substitute Greek Yogurt. If you're like me, using a recipe from an unknown source is often a gamble, and then changing  it can turn into a disaster. worked this time, so I wanted to share it with you.

Linguini with Spinach, Lemon, Greek Yogurt and Parmesan

1 lb linguine  

1 lb baby spinach

1 small firm zucchini cut into long fine julienne

2 lemons - zested and cut in half

1 cup Greek Yogurt (I used non-fat)

Garlic Salt & lemon pepper to taste

Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese


In large pot cook pasta  until it is almost al dent - (about 9 minutes)

Stir in spinach and zucchini - stirring frequently until spinach is tender and pasta is al dente

Drain pasta mixture and return to pot.

squeeze lemons over pasta, add zest & yogurt

Stir together until blended 

season with garlic salt  & lemon pepper to taste

Serve topping each portion with parmesan cheese

Makes 4-6 servings


This was so easy and so good! A perfect dish year round. Enjoy it now, but be sure to pin this recipe for next summer when you have that abundance of zucchini in your garden!

Until next time...


Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Sober October?

 Sober October...

 ever heard of it? I'm familiar with Dry January, but a Sober October was news to me until I started seeing it popping up on my social media feeds.

Apparently the concept has been around for a few years; two publications that I follow have current articles on the subject - Delish  and Refinery29. This new-to-me information came close on the heels of articles about increased alcohol consumption during the pandemic. Everyone from the New York TimesChicago Tribune to the BBC were sounding alarms about many of us turning to drink to cope with the chaos and lockdowns during the last few months.

 Most of us don't have a problem, but some of us may have been using our confinement as an excuse to drink just a tad too much. Like Dry January, it's an opportunity to assess  and perhaps regain control of our drinking.


Enter Sober October

I learned that Macmillan Cancer Support out of Britain began this movement asking people to give up alcohol for the month to raise money for cancer research. Not a bad idea no? Since then other charities have hopped on the bandwagon with their own challenges and fundraisers. Novel idea, no?

A huge burgeoning Alcohol Free drink market. 

If you decide to do a Sober October you don't have to miss out. During my research I learned that the "AF" craft beer, wine and distilled spirits industries are exploding. There's so much more out there than O'Douls beer and Martinelli's Sparkling Apple Cider. Major beer companies are offering AF versions of their products - Heineken 00, Coors, Bud & Pabst Blue Ribbon are just a few. I think Heineken00 tastes just like its boozy sister and guess what - 69 calories (2 Weight Watcher points).   Craft Beer companies are creating interesting recipes too. 



You may be like me...I'm not a huge drinker, but I love Chardonnay, G&Ts, and Margaritas and found myself having a drink almost every night.  But a few months ago I decided to give myself a break, and challenged myself to not drinking any alcohol for a month.  Wow, what a difference it made.

Here's what I found - I slept better 

Monday, September 28, 2020

Living in Denim

 I don't know about you, but I live in denim. Being a child of the 60s, I grew up wearing jeans. I bought my first pair at the Army/Navy store for $6. They were straight leg, unisex - actually men's I believe - and came in various waist and inseam measurements. I wore those puppies every day, styling them with basic t-shirts or embroidered gauze tops.

Now that fall is here and temperatures are dropping a bit, it's time to break out the denim again. On cooler days I've begun to wear my jeans with an embroidered top, a linen popover shirt, or a selection from my collection of chambray shirts. On warmer days sleeveless chambray and embroidered linen do the trick.

This top is quickly becoming a favorite!

Denim is roaring back this season, and I couldn't be happier. It can be dressed up or down, so instead of looking at my poor selfies, let's go to some of my favorite style bloggers. They wear it so well and have some great ideas for styling denim. Here are a couple of examples. 

Classic from head to toe

Chambray at its finest - mix it with black denim.

Creative but doable looks. 
I especially like the wrap and blazer. Take special note of how Cindy styles the shirt under the blazer - that broach!

Jennifer wears another version of blazer, chambray and broach. I'm loving this look and I know just the broach I'm going to use!

Channeling Ralph Lauren - for the cooler climes and mountain vibes...I'm loving the hat and blanket sweater.


 How are you wearing your denim this fall? Or are you?

Until next time...


Monday, September 7, 2020

Easy Individual Peach Pies

These are so darn good!!!!!

And so darn easy....

Using simple ingredients 

4 medium ripe peaches
1/4 C brown sugar
2Tbsp butter
3/4 tsp cinnamon
1 package refrigerated pie crust
1 large egg
1T water

Stir Brown sugar, butter and cinnamon together until thoroughly blended

cut peaches in half & remove pit
add a spoon full of mixture to center

Roll out the prepared pie crust
cut into 1 1/2 inch strips
lay strips in an x pattern
place peach in center
cut two bottom strips in half lengthwise
wrap strips over the top of peach in a lattice pattern
pinch together at bottom
cut off excess pie crust 

whisk together egg & water
brush tops

Place on parchment lined baking sheet 
Bake in preheated 400 degree oven until golden brown
(about 12-20 minutes)

Let stand 4 minutes
serve alone or topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream

That's it guys...

How simple is that?????

And let me tell you - They are were amazing!

If you want the original recipe with a short "how-to" 
video go here.

So, if you're wondering what to do with those last of the summer peaches, here's your answer!

Until next time...



Monday, August 31, 2020

Rustic but Chic Laundry Rooms

 When I first saw Sarah Richardson's laundry room I stopped dead in my tracks. It was sleek & chic, but rustic enough to fit right into the modern farmhouse vibe in her Off the Grid home. This is 10 steps up from the laundry rooms that depended on the machine tops to fold laundry. If nothing else, this pandemic has taught us that minimal design with its clean lines affords ease in maintenance and promotes sanitary habits. 

What I love about this - the components are super affordable. She used IKEA butcher block countertops, mitered the corners to wrap the washer/dryer. The cabinets are also from IKEA - living room media components. again super affordable - Lightbulb moment here for me.

If you want more information or are curious about how she put it all together with the wall materials go -here.


This isn't the only installation of wrapped washer dryer units that Sarah has done. This is from her latest renovation...go here to get all the deets and check out the material on the side of the appliances.


And talk about the natural wicker elements she added to warm up the light walls.

After noticing those waterfall counters in Sarah's laundry, I've been noticing them everywhere. Below is one of my favorites. 

From the subway tile on the wall, to the butcher block counter, open shelving, farm sink and the detailing on its side, this laundry room hits a home run for me.

This laundry doesn't use natural wood tones, but there's a whole lot of wonderful features going on here, don't you think? Perfect for a mudroom space. Places to hang your coats and a bench to sit as you take off shoes & boots. You'll find
 lots of extra inspiration on this site


This laundry doesn't have a waterfall counter but it still hits all the right notes for me. What's your favorite element of this room?

Have a top loader... no problem, you can still get a similar vibe.

Laundry isn't my favorite household chore, but it would be a lot more pleasurable if I could do it in one of these rooms. How about you?

Until next time...


Monday, August 24, 2020

Bouncing Back...

I'm so excited to be here again! 

I started blogging way back in 2011 when it was called Jackycyn Redesign - Maybe some of you remember it. It was my little corner of the blogosphere to discuss all things interiors. Blogging has changed a lot from those days, and so have I. I absolutely loved journaling my thoughts about design, but blogging takes an incredible amount of time...time I discovered that I wanted to devote to other things.  Some of my other hobbies were being sorely neglected and I missed the me that created, I gave it up.

I was happy with chiming in on my Facebook and Instagram pages, but lately, I've found myself wanting a space to occasionally explore topics in more depth. So I'm back, to my little corner of the blogosphere.

 We all need a little distraction from all the ugliness in our world, and although I'm not running from it, during the recent months, I've found myself becoming more introspective, and wanting to work on myself. You'd think I would have done that a long time ago seeing that I'm almost 70 years old. But...better late than never, is what I say.


I'll be popping in here and there to share little discoveries, aha moments, or things that I find interesting. There will still be plenty of jaw dropping interiors, and architecture, 

but expect a more introspective view on why they are important in today's lifestyle. 

Let's dream of travel destinations, 

create recipes and habits for a healthy lifestyle, 

and explore new interests to expand our horizons. I'm designing my best life and I hope you'll come along with me - 

let's explore together.

In the meantime you can visit my Facebook page here and my Instagram here

See you soon...